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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by Edwin Knights


A New World Record: Play Black Ops II for 136 Hours Straight

Some people manage to play video games for extended periods of time with minimal breaks. But have you ever thought about what goes into playing one for 136 hours straight? Well that is exactly what Okan Kaya did. He is an Australian Call of Duty: Black Ops II gamer who broke the World Record for the longest amount of time playing the game. And keep in mind that he did this when the game had only been out for less than two months.

He is only 28 years old and that right there automatically makes him double the age of most of the players playing multiplayer mode in Black Ops 2. He played for a staggering 136 before stopping and this time easily outlasted the previous record of about 120 hours, set by two Call of Duty gamers based out of Canada. He did admit in an interview breaks of ten minutes were needed about once every hour but also went on to explain that this was allowed by Guinness and was within the realms of the rules that were established.

Kaya’s – The Black Ops II Gamer Insights

Some people may find it a surprise that Kaya was not able to receive sponsors from any retailers for the event. They considered his actions as “addictive gaming” and refused to help him financially in any way. But there was some good news regarding this area. Kaya worked for a company called “4Cabling”. They were generous enough as to provide him with the room that was used to break this epic record.

According to the “crazed” player, there were people who were brought into the room every four hours to make sure that he was the one who was still behind the controller- and to make sure he was still playing the same video game. Video recordings of him were also used during the session, which is basically for the eyes of Guinness and another form of evidence to prove that he actually did play for the amount of time without stopping.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kaya admitted that he had a blast but he also went on to add that he was glad that it was over. And to add another shocking twist to this event, Kara was only able to reach the 29th rank on Black Ops 2 in the worldwide rankings for multiplayer mode. Maybe it is time for Okan to take on another 136 hour gaming session- what do you think?

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