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Published on December 19th, 2012 | by Edwin Knights


Introducing the Top 5 Games of December 2012

There is no doubt that December of 2012 has introduced some very prominent and popular video games throughout the world. But it shouldn’t come to many people as a surprise that choosing the top five games of them all can be quite a challenge. With that being said, we’ve narrowed the list as best as possible to present these games with you.

Game #1: Far Cry 3


Launched on December 4th, this is a game that allows players to explore diverse regions in a very unique and interesting fashion. The openness of the world associated with this game can be a challenge to master, which is one reason why players are attracted to it. There is relatively large number of side missions that you should keep you busy for a long time to come.

You’ll even be provided with the chance to dive into the ocean with sharks. What you may find even more impressive about Far Cry 3 is its amazing graphics. Details were definitely taken into consideration in regards to the settings and characters of this game. Either way, it is a must-have on your Christmas list.

Game #2: Mass Effect 3


This game was also launched on December 4th and is the first time that PS3 owners will be able to enjoy one of the sequel to the highly popular Mass Effect. The reason why is because this was a trilogy that used to only be available for PC and Xbox users. Basically, BioWare is a game that recaps all of the events that had occurred in the original Mass Effect. Keep in mind that this game did come relatively close to winning game of the year.

Game #3: Guardians of Middle Earth

Guardians of Middle Earth

This game also came out on December 4th and is one that you can really take a few different routes with. If you’ve ever watched “The Hobbit” before then you may already have a relatively clear understanding about the world that you’ll experience. Guardians of Middle Earth will take you into a new and unique world that can really drag you away from the “real world” for hours on end. Keep in mind that the movie for this video game is also quite popular and its triology is expected to launch on December 14th.

Game #4: The Walking Dead


As you may or may not already know, this game won the award for the “Game of the Years” at the annual Spike Awards. Well, this shouldn’t come to regular players as a surprise as it is one of the more popular games in the world. Not to mention, it has a television and comic book series associated with it.

One of the best aspects about this game is that it can be played on a variety of gaming systems. Not to mention, players who purchase the game will also have the option of purchasing the entire season on disc. Keep in mind that there is a special addition of the game that will cost about seventy dollars. However, most players would agree that paying the extra twenty is far worth the features and benefits that you’ll be able to experience.

Game #5: Hawken


Although this is the last game on our list it doesn’t mean that it is any less fun to play than the others. Hawken is a combat based game that provides gamers with several different modes of play. There are new concepts associated with this game and you’ll be attracted to the genre as a whole.

Keep in mind that Hawken won over nineteen awards at the Spike Video Game Awards and was considered the best game for the PC. It is a truly remarkable game that is actually free to play. This is one fact that you shouldn’t ignore and is something that you should look forward from the producer of the game in the future.

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