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Published on November 22nd, 2012 | by Joey Loney


Cortana Goes Haywire: The Halo 4 Review

Cortana Goes Haywire: The Halo 4 Review Joey Loney

Summary: Don't get me wrong, it's a good game. It's just that I was expecting so much more from such a well established franchise.



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There was a day when I was proud to call myself a Halo fan. Hell, I’d even wear a Halo t-shirt and wristbands on special occasions, and I was considering a tattoo. As the years came and went, each new edition of Halo seemed to have less and less innovation, and my loyalty waned. I eventually abandoned my Jedi training and turned to the dark side, taking the easy path – Call of Duty.

After losing my Black-Ops disc one rainy day, and craving some multiplayer competition, I popped in the Halo 3 disc tentatively. Surprised to find that people were still playing it, I was also shocked by the pace of the game. It was like playing in slow-motion underwater in comparison to what Treyarch had instilled in me. It seemed that was the final nail in the Halo coffin for me, and I didn’t bother to play ODST or Reach. In fact, I kind of assumed that the Master Chief would not be returning to our screens after long.

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I had almost forgot that the big green Spartan had ever existed until recently, being bombarded with Halo 4 advertisements on the television. I noticed the exceptionally high ratings, and my curiosity was sparked as to whether the fourth edition would be a return to Bungie form. I got my hands on a copy, and prepared myself for glorious things.

Unfortunately, I was largely disappointed. Sure, the graphics are top-notch. I’d even say jaw-dropping. But in terms of gameplay, it’s the same old crap which we thought was groundbreaking ten years ago, but is now nothing more than yawn-worthy. The campaign plods along with little in the manner of tactics and innovation. There are all the familiar Halo hallmarks – huge and ancient sci-fi cities, various vehicles to commandeer, and all your favourite weapons, plus a few new ones to try out.

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The story is forgettable. Cortana is losing her mind due to old age, and a new race: the Prometheans, threaten all that the humans have strived for. As in the past couple of games, multiplayer is the focus of the Halo experience, but once again, there’s little that’s truly fresh to wet your appetite. Most of the new guns are simply alien clones of existing models. You can pick up some special equipment like the jetpack, hard light shield, and other useful items, but the basic experience remains the same as it was in Halo 2, and the lack of evolution after so many years is nothing short of disappointing.

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