Fantasy MMORPG Dragon's Call II Review

Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Edwin Knights


Fire-Breathing, or Just a Puff of Smoke? (The Dragon’s Call II Review)

Fire-Breathing, or Just a Puff of Smoke? (The Dragon’s Call II Review) Edwin Knights

Summary: Despite Dragon Call 2's many faults, it has a certain charm, and I enjoyed playing it more than most MMORPG's. It's super easy to learn, with a cryptic-yet-interesting story, and the awesome graphics make it a feast for your eyes.



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Today I got a chance to play this Dragon’s Call II browser game that everybody’s been talking about. It’s a fantasy MMORPG set in a land of warlords, witches, and elves, most of whom are scantily clad, much to my pleasure. When you begin the game, you can choose to play as one of three classes, the warrior, the mage, or the assassin, the latter of whom looks suspiciously like the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed. Never mind. You can also decide whether you want to play as a male or female character.

The first thing that struck me about Dragon’s Call II is the fact that its graphics are 2D, unlike most modern MMORPG’s which tend to appear in three dimensions. The result of this decision is double edged. Dragon’s Call II looks awesome and its visuals are beautifully rendered and seemingly hand-painted. I think it’s more sensible to have great-looking flat imagery than substandard 3D effects, the latter of which is unfortunately common in this genre. The game also seems to lag less than its 3D counterparts.

Dragon's Call Screenshot 1

The downside to the fact that Dragon’s Call II is realised exclusively in two dimensions is that the world is not truly free-roaming. One can travel instantly from village to village via the world map. Otherwise, movement is limited to walking left and right through rather confined areas, talking to NPC’s and killing “monsters”, some of which look rather too cute to murder. Dragon’s Call II is yet another online fantasy game which decides to pit you against cute, fluffy bunnies in the first battle. WHY DO PEOPLE WHO MAKE MMORPG’S HATE RABBITS?

Dragon's Call Screenshot 2

The combat is turn based, and, like many aspects of Dragon’s Call II, you have very little control over it. I noticed players chatting as I completed my quests, but I didn’t see any walking around the place. I believe there was some kind of death match fighting going on. I decided to steer clear! The story is interesting, although the dialogue is quite badly written or possibly poorly translated. I noticed many spelling and grammar mistakes, and occasionally unfinished sentences and imaginary words. NPC’s sometimes appear in the village when they are supposedly kidnapped elsewhere or away on business, which I found a little strange! Mostly, these problems were more entertaining than annoying, and I even laughed out loud a few times. There’s also a weird, old godfather character who refers to himself as “Daddy”. Creepy!

Screenshots from Dragon’s Call II

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