Fantasy MMORPG Wings of Destiny Review

Published on November 15th, 2012 | by Edwin Knights


It Fell From Heaven (The Wings of Destiny Review)

It Fell From Heaven (The Wings of Destiny Review) Edwin Knights

Summary: Great for social aspects, story, and graphics, but the lame combat sadly lets it down.



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Wings of Destiny is an original fantasy MMORPG browser game, with an interesting storyline focusing around the battle between heaven and hell, which is mainly waged on earth. You are offered the choice of four angelic character classes: knight, mage, ranger, and priest. You can also choose to be male or female. Seeing as Wings of Destiny is based around the theme of religion, I decided to pick the priest.

The game begins in the middle of an action scene. Heaven is being attacked by demons and you must chip in to rid the holy land of the red faced scum. After managing to repel the horde and close the portal from whence they came, it becomes apparent that they’ve also infested earth with their evil, so you are sent downstairs to try and repair the damage. I found the story to be well written, interesting, and original, with some surprisingly dark touches, proving that this isn’t just another game for kids.

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The graphics for Wings of Destiny are really something, despite the fact that they’re two dimensional. Everything has been pre-rendered in 3D and is displayed in an isometric view, to give a faux-3D effect whilst taking advantage of the lower hardware demands of 2D visuals. The end result looks great, and everything about the game is aesthetically unified and consistent, from the artwork, to the world, to the GUI. It also has beautiful soundtrack music to accompany your adventure.

Wings of Destiny obviously has a large user base, as the world is startlingly busy – perhaps even a little too busy, as the game tends to lag, and takes a while to render things when you move from one place to another. When the game isn’t lagging, this gives the impression of a bustling, lively, vibrant, believable universe, which is definitely a positive point.

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Despite its magnificent success in story, dialogue, graphics, and music, Wings of Destiny is let down by its poor gameplay. Although it offers plenty to do – you can own pets, train mounts, buy and sell items, and everything else you’d expect from a MMORPG – combat is boring, which is a real shame, because a good combat system could really make this an awesome game.

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