Fantasy MMORPG Darkblood Online Game Review

Published on November 14th, 2012 | by Joey Loney


Lots of blood, battles, and breasts (Darkblood Online Game Review)

Lots of blood, battles, and breasts (Darkblood Online Game Review) Joey Loney

Summary: It's the excellent combination of convenient controls, beautiful graphics, furious gameplay, and well-written story that make Darkblood Online such a righteous experience. It's by far the best MMORPG I've played, and I'm sure you'll love it too.


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Before I played Darkblood Online, I was not really a fan of MMORPG’s. Why? Well, I like games which demand a high level of skill from the player. In other words, I like a challenge. A challenge of dexterity, of intellect, of creativity – it really doesn’t matter to me as long as there is some kind of flair to be demonstrated and mastered. In my opinion, most MMORPG’s demand absolutely no skill from the player. Usually, your level of power is determined by how long you have spent playing the game, or how much money you have spent on upgrades. Combat is usually just a matter of a user and an NPC taking it in turns to hit one another until one of them dies. It’s all a little stale for me, and that’s is why I am generally not a fan of MMORPG’s.

However, I was, surprisingly, really impressed by all aspects of Darkblood Online, an awesome fantasy MMORPG which innovatively infuses aspects of arcade classics like Streets of Rage, Goldenaxe, and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs to make it a hugely enjoyable and skilful combat experience.

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For those of you not familiar with the titles I mentioned above, the combat system used in Darkblood Online is in the vein of a side-scrolling beat ‘em up title. Fighting happens in real time, but unlike many traditional MMORPG systems, your character is able to move quickly, and has access to a large bank of special moves which are appropriate to various dangerous situations, handily assigned to hotkeys QWERTY and ASDFGH. You can also double tap on the arrow keys to dash out of the way of a would-be fatal attack, jump, cast spells, and of course, level up and collect items as you would expect from any other MMORPG.

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Darkblood online avoids the majority of infuriating lagging issues that most MMORPG’s face, due to its clever graphical combination. The game utilises incredibly detailed 3D characters and monsters on a beautiful pre-rendered, two dimensional isometric background landscape. The unity of the visuals is seamless, and I can imagine Darkblood Online looking just as at home in an arcade as it would on your PC screen. I ought to warn you, this game is not suitable for children because of two reasons. Firstly there is a fair amount of blood and violence. Secondly, the large-chested female characters frequently appear in scanty outfits, including barely-sufficient bikinis. It’s a pro for me, but a con for parents. The only downside to the game, for adults, is the hefty 1.8 gigabyte file size and lengthy install / update period, but I can assure you, it’s worth every second.

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